Monday, 11 April 2011

It's almost over!

There are just 4 days to go before the challenge is over, I can't believe it's been two months already! So even though the Facebook group has taken over from this blog I thought it only right that I do one final post to share what I have got over the last couple of months!

  1. Every day I am doing things I love and I was already doing this with out necessarily consciously realising it. Just making paying attention and noting it down though has made me feel grateful for the life I already lead. 
  2. Creating a life you love doesn't have to be a huge effort, even the smallest things like sitting in the sunshine lift my spirit and make me feel alive. It is totally possible to do something that makes you smile each day.
  3. Having the intention of creating a life I love over the past couple of months has actually led me to take this challenge even further. I am now really going for it with plans to write a book and take my business on-line whilst travelling around India for 6 months, something that was always some day one day and I never imagined I could combine it with work. I am putting any fears or doubts a side and just doing everything I can to make it happen.
  4. This challenge has sparked an idea for a book about a new year long challenge to set myself .....details to follow soon!
  5. In life we often face set backs to our goals, sometimes we set out to do things and then something completely different happens. The thing is never to give up, be flexible, there will always be a way of making something happen even if it doesn't end up looking the way you imagined it at the start. Anna is a great example of this, what ever happens with her charity she will help people affected by cancer.
  6. It's so great to hear what makes other people smile, it triggers ideas and memories of what you love to do to! I loved the giving of random hugs and sharing of cooking delights! Sharing things that touch you creates a deep connection with people, which is lovely! I'd love to read some more of your experiences of the challenge.
Hope you can make our celebration drinks on Thursday night, 7pm, Elysee Restaurant and Bar on Percy St, just off Tottenham Court Road. We will be on the roof terrace!

and finally there is just one more thing to say......


Monday, 28 March 2011


Happy Monday Everyone!

I am loving the new Facebook group and how we are all sharing on there, it's fab! I can only apologise for not setting one up sooner. It's amazing how we can just have a blind spot sometimes and not see something so glaringly obvious until we chat to other people, the Facebook page to make it super easy for everyone to share came out of a pub conversation with a friend last week!

I have decided this is going to be a theme for me this week with the challenge. I am going to call friends I have not spoken to in ages every day this week. I have so many friends that I have just got behind in catching up with, there is always this voice in the back of my mind thinking "I really must call x" but I just get so busy with daily life I put it off. The worst thing is I had an awful wake up call last year (a year ago next week in fact) when a friend I had been meaning to call actually died, I promised myself  I wouldn't do that again and yet hear I am. So this is the week, each day I am going to reconnect with my friends!

To add to this I am also going to make an effort to do some more networking to connect with new people, for my business, so I plan to do this at least 3 times this week.


To mark the end of this challenge and share with each other how we have all got on with it I have booked us a table for drinks on a fab roof terrace in central London! It is at Elysee bar and restaurant on Percy Street, nearest tube Tottenham Court Road. This is the website. I have booked the table at 7pm.

I will also be doing the prize draw for everyone entered into the challenge to win the full Create Yourself package of an image consultation, life coaching sessions and personal training.

Please let me know if you plan to attend!

Have a great week everyone


Create Yourself

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Living the Life - new to this post

Hello there,

I joined and almost immediately got a nasty virus which left me in bed and not really participating. I am currently writing a screen play called Unimaginable Adventures On the Path To Love and it is based on the blog of the same name. You can see how the adventures are unfolding at The gist of the work is three women looking for love who agree to be human experiments and take on any tasks given to them by the others to stretch, expand, transform and reveal the path to love. I am one of the women and our agreement is that we have to say Yes to any task. So life has become a bit of an adventure and for the next two weeks I have to praise men and be aware of all the wonderful things men do and are.

I just wrote a piece on my father who is a botanist and as I look into doing one thing I love, today I went into my garden and saw the new shoots on the roses he helped me plant and felt the sun on my face and had a wonderful moment of loving this life.

Sally Griffyn

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Life in Pictures!

Instead of writing I thought I would show you a few of the things I have been up since I last wrote.....

Thursday afternoon "business meeting"!

Visiting my friend Fabio's new place of work.....McQueen Bar in Shoreditch, it's fab!! 

As for today well....simply enjoying the spring time! Am about to head out for a long walk to enjoy the sunshine.


Thursday, 17 March 2011

The power of sharing!

One thing I love to do is to have a really great and open conversation with someone, where you are both really sharing what is going on for each of you. Something really powerful opens up when you share, you feel even more connected to that person and it changes the energy around what ever you are sharing. The more I share the more access to power I have to make my goals happen, I feel like something opens up in my heart and mind and it makes me feel alive.

I haven't always felt like this, I grew up quite shy and as an only child I am very programmed to dealing with things on my own and not needing anyone else. I remember in relationships when I was younger I was never very expressive of how I felt about people and don't think I expressed to friends how I was ever really feeling about things. I definitely never told my parents! Actually as I am writing I have just realised that the only place I used to really share was in my diary, I have written one since the age of about 10 and 3/ my earliest one states!! That must be why I love blogging so much, it's something I have always done in one way or another.

Over time though I have managed to grow my self confidence, by pushing through fears, and I have learnt how important it is to share what is going on for you with other people. Not only for you but by sharing people have the access to see things for themselves in what you are going through as well. There have been my times where I have been coaching people or just listening to others speak about what they are going through which has then resonated with me. Where I can hear my dilemmas, fears and goals through other people. From hearing someone else speak about it a new perspective opens up and you also realise you are not the only one going through such an experience.

I am talking about all of this as this week I have been privileged to meet up with some fantastic ladies at my networking group, More to Life Than Shoes, and we all really shared what is going on for us. I also had a great catch up with a good friend yesterday who I hadn't seen for ages so we had lots to share. Many people I am meeting at the moment are going through a state of change, I am not sure if it is to do with the economy or if it's something else but everyone seems to be questioning their lives and looking at making big changes.  So if you are sat in this space now please know you are not the only one!

So in the spirit of sharing, here are a few things that are going on for me right now;

  1. I am now running my business 100% full time and planning to work/travel around India for 6 months in October.....this is very exciting but also I have the fear every now and then of "where is my money coming from?" Instead of paying attention to this though I am instead focusing on having a fantastic profitable business and having an amazing time in India!! Also constantly consciously bringing my mind back into the present moment, where everything is great.
  2. I have a new relationship, since last year, we spent 4 great months getting to know each other and then he went back to Australia. I will see him again in June, after 6 months apart. It could be tough as there is the natural fear that we will be apart for longer than we have been together, anything could happen. As it is though I am choosing just to take each day as it comes and to enjoy carrying on getting to know him. As a result of this I actually feel like our relationship is growing stronger even though we are not together, which is really cool!
  3. I really hoped for 200 people  on this challenge and am still way off achieving this, with just one month to go, I feel a little disappointed as I want to raise lots of money for Anna. This is not going to stop me though. Over the next few days I am really going to share about it and hopefully get some more people to join in the fun!
  4. I am often in a rush, running around fitting everything in, feeling a sense of urgency to get things done and making myself tired. In this state of mind there just isn't any space to just be, to relax and also to really focus when speaking to people or on tasks I need to get done. So right now I am taking on "There is plenty of time, I am on time and there is space to be in the present moment".
So sharing is my focus this week for the challenge as I find it's easy to revert back to being insular and dealing with things on my own. I feel I expand so much more and feel so much more connected to people when we share with each other. Plus I feel touched and moved when someone chooses to share something with me, which is a great feeling to have!

Finally I have a little request....if you are enjoying the challenge or even just reading the blog please can you share it with your friends just incase they would like to sign up too! The more we spread the word the more people can be doing things that make them smile each day :-) The link to sign up to the challenge is create a life you love

Thank you!!


Monday, 14 March 2011

This week

Another Monday has been and almost gone. This month, gosh no, this year is moving at a break neck speed. So many things have been happening. I decided to take some time out last week to go somewhere that has been on list of places that I 'must' go, Cornwall. I visited the lost gardens of heligan and saw the beautiful beaches at Trebarwith. It was a whirl wind trip, but worth every moment. I even had a three hour nap on the afternoon of my second day there (can a 3 hour nap, still be classed as a nap). A nap that long is considered decadent in my usual day to day, but felt so right on holiday. I am sure I could have been out visiting a hundred other beautiful places in Cornwall, but taking time out for me is just as important as 'trying' to see everything.

I hope you enjoy my photos of magnificent Cornwall, just as much as I enjoyed taking them. The picture below is of a tree that had fallen with moss covering it. It reminded me of a dinosaur skeleton, although everyone has seen it has seen something different. It's like watching clouds - always a different shape. What do you see?

Step away from the laptop :-)

Happy Monday All!

The reason I have not posted anything for a few days was part of my challenge was to step away from the online world for a bit......I have found since fully working for myself I have spent the last couple of weeks more glued than ever to the screen. So this weekend I shut it down, went outside and enjoyed the spring sunshine. It was lovely.

What are you all getting up to?! I'd love to hear!