Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Living the Life - new to this post

Hello there,

I joined and almost immediately got a nasty virus which left me in bed and not really participating. I am currently writing a screen play called Unimaginable Adventures On the Path To Love and it is based on the blog of the same name. You can see how the adventures are unfolding at www.unimaginableadventures.com The gist of the work is three women looking for love who agree to be human experiments and take on any tasks given to them by the others to stretch, expand, transform and reveal the path to love. I am one of the women and our agreement is that we have to say Yes to any task. So life has become a bit of an adventure and for the next two weeks I have to praise men and be aware of all the wonderful things men do and are.

I just wrote a piece on my father who is a botanist and as I look into doing one thing I love, today I went into my garden and saw the new shoots on the roses he helped me plant and felt the sun on my face and had a wonderful moment of loving this life.

Sally Griffyn

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