Friday, 12 November 2010

Lots of ideas!

I have been on lots of train journeys the past couple of days so have been day dreaming about things I love to do that perhaps I could plan over the 2 months of the challenge and raise a bit more cash for the are a few of my ideas:

Afternoon tea - cupcake/ cake sale

Sponsored 10K run (or walk) around the Thames

Great old London pubs tour (money for tour donated)

Afternoon of mini colour consultations - £10 each - money donated

Sponsored Bikram yoga challenge - 3 classes in a day, eek

I am currently thinking about how the promotion page for the site will look and who else to ask for prizes and hoping to get things like:

a massage
yoga lessons
hair cut
make up lesson
a subscription to a magazine

Everyone I have been speaking to about it is loving the idea, as it's not that often we actually plan to do something that we love every single day.

Can't wait!!


Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Exciting developments!

We have bought the domain name today to promote the Create a Life You Love Challenge and guess what it's called..... YAY!!! So happy it was still available.

Michael, the other half of Create Yourself, is fab at creating websites (he did ours) so we are going to work together to get something up as soon as possible so we can start promoting our challenge.

Also I shared the whole idea with Alex Cheatle, CEO of Ten Group an award winning lifestyle concierge company and he loved the idea. He thought the whole concept of people consciously doing something they love every day was a winner. He is very kindly going to donate a prize for the celebration night, so watch this space!

I shared the idea with a friend of mine and she also suggested doing small fundraising things along the way towards in alignment to what I love to do, to share ideas and raise more money. So watch out for a cup cake event :-)

So all in all a very productive day and still feeling very very over excited about it all!


Monday, 8 November 2010

A new idea is formed!

Yesterday whilst musing about what could be my next big challenge I thought about what I could do that is really at the core of my being; people living lives they love. This is the ethos of our whole company, Create Yourself. It's all about helping people to live lives they really love, every day.

So it was then I came up with the idea of a Create Yourself charity event, something that gets people in touch with what they love to do and helps raise money for a great cause. Recently I met an incredible lady, Anna Wallace, who has just got through an extremely rare type of cancer. She is dedicating the next year to putting on a 3 day event next November called Living Beyond Diagnosis. It’s for people who have been affected by breast cancer to give them all the information they need that the doctors don’t tell you about. Stuff like diet, image, dealing with your friends and families reactions, your body changes and so on. The mission is to empower the survivors and connect them with people going through similar experiences to build a strong community of support. She is really thinking big and wants to try to get the likes of Kylie and Gok Wan to speak. Just while I was thinking about this she actually emailed me yesterday afternoon asking me if I would do some style sessions at the event next November?! Love it how people get in touch when you are thinking of them, so I took this as a sign and emailed her about my idea to raise money to help her put on the event and she loves the idea!

My idea so far is that the charity event will be the celebration party at the end of a challenge. The whole idea is people living lives they love so from 14th February (a day all about love!) the challenge will be to do 1 thing you love/makes you smile every day for 2 months. You'll be asked to write regular blog posts on here to share your journey and inspire others.

At the end of the challenge in April we will put on a big party to celebrate your achievements. We will ask for some people to stand up and share what they got from it. We'll also also arrange a speaker or two to share their inspirational stories of creating lives they love. Then there will be a prize draw for everyone who has taken part and completed the full 2 months, the winner will win a full Create Yourself package of a 13 session life coaching course, 10 personal training sessions and a full image consultation, worth £1364.40. There will also be a raffle to win other fantastic donated prizes such beauty treatments/ haircuts/ yoga sessions etc. (All to be confirmed!)

The money from entry to the challenge and the raffle on the night will all go towards putting on Anna's event next November, to ensure attendees pay very little to attend the event (many suffer financial hardship because of their diagnosis).

So this is my idea so far, my new blog has been set up and we are in the process of setting up a new website to promote this. I am excited and full of anticipation of where this project is going to lead, above all I know it's going to be a lot of fun.