Monday, 20 December 2010

A smile is something you can't give away.. it always comes back to you. (Anon)

Hi All,

AnnaGoAnna here, Trustee of Living Beyond Diagnosis. Thank you Louise for coming up with this great idea and thank you to everyone who takes part on two grounds. 1/ Because you'll be doing something you enjoy and something that'll make you smile every day (smiles are, of course, highly infectious!); and 2/ Because funds from this lovely challenge are going to support our first 3-day event in 17-19 November in London for anyone affected by breast cancer - and you'll be helping approx 500 smile at a time when smiling, sometimes, is a hard thing to do.

So... what am I going to do every day for the Create a Life You Love Challenge? I've had lots of ideas... although I'm concerned that they may sound more like a list of New Year resolutions and I usually only keep those up until... ooooh... about 4th January!

So, what am I to do... well I'm going to do something silly every day. By silly I mean walk down the road and avoid the cracks in the pavement. On rainy days I'm going to remember to stomp in puddles and not care that I'll get wet feet. I'm going to go up to a stranger and tell them I like their tie/shirt/dress/haircut. I'm going to call someone I've not spoken to in a while and just say 'Helloooooooo is it me your looking for' (Lionel Ritchie styley). I'm going to send a random postcard with a kind message and forget to sign it. I'm going to pay for a coffee for the person behind me in the queue.

Hmm I think you get the idea - do you think I'll get into trouble with some of the ideas? I'm quite sure in London that I'll get some odd looks and a few sidesteps.

I'm hoping my blog entries about my adventures on this challenge might make you smile too?

Good luck with your ventures and I look forward to hearing all about them.


PS Ooooh and thank you so much for supporting this challenge. Talk to others and encourage them to sign up too... imagine if we could make everyone on the tube smile!

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