Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What do you "know" about Love?

As planned I had a fantastic weekend catching up with various different groups of friends. The photo on the right is of a couple of killer tigers I came across at the of an old school friend!

One thing that I consciously shifted over the weekend was the conversation I have with myself and others around money, or more specifically the lack of it! I made a decision not bring that into any discussions and instead to focus on all the plans I have ahead of me. This may sound slightly random but it left me feeling excited about my future rather than having any concerns. I realise this is not technically "doing something I love" but it did make my time with friends all the more fun and has helped create a new empowering outlook for my future.

Another thing I love to it to take photos, since May last year I have been taking a photo every day (well very nearly) to depict my life. I have set up a photo album per month on Facebook where I upload them. It's been fantastic to do as looking back at them now I can really picture what I have been doing over the past year, and friends seem to love seeing themselves in them too! The iphone Camera + app is great for taking photos then adding effects to them.....the photo below is just from a cake tin at my friends house!

I have been following a fantastic blog by Judy Clement, she is spending 2011 loving fearlessly and this week she has posted about what she has learnt about love so far. She opened the question out to her readers to find out what they know about love......so I am throwing it out to you too!

To get you started here are a few things I posted to her blog about what I know:

  1. I know it gets easier the more you share it, the more I tell people I love them and what they mean to me the more open I get and easier it becomes to say it. I used to be very closed when I was growing up.
  2. Romantic love can be a bit scary but beautiful.
  3. The more you speak about love and tell people you love them the more you feel love.
  4. Consciously planning to do something you love every day lifts your spirits and energy.
  5. Love is what has supported me through making changes and decisions in my life, the love I feel from family and friends is the most important thing in my life. I know what ever happens to me I will always have the support and love of all the wonderful people in my life.
  6. Finally loving yourself really is key. Treat yourself like you treat those you love.
I look forward to hearing what you know about love!


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  1. I love your decision around the discussion of money. I did that too (only less consciously, more trying to sleep at night), and it did help. It doesn't mean you stop working on it, you just stop living and breathing the anxiety every minute of every day. Eckhart Tolle would approve, I think, that we are able to sometimes move out of the endless worry and into the moment we're actually standing inside of.

    And thank you for mentioning me. I'm honored.