Thursday, 3 March 2011

This weeks post

It's funny, well strange really but the action of focussing on creating a life you love gives such a new and renewed perspective of life.

I have started writing again - a paragraph here, a word there. No pressure, but in focussing on what I love, what I want to do it is almost like a calmness has descended upon me. As if life is clapping it's hands and applauding me, saying yay, finally. Little creatures are pushing me toward the door for me.

Don't get me wrong, life hasn't all of a sudden become perfect, but it feels manageable, positive, happy. I'm starting to recognise myself, see the glimmers of light in the dark days. I think I closed my eyes there for awhile and fell asleep to what I want, autopilot is so easy. It's the little things that are so important - a smile from the person sitting next to you at work, a seat on the tube in the afternoon, lunch with friends, a great song.... I could go on. I love reading what inspires others, i love that feeling of being a part of something - more posts please.

Have a lovely day.
Listening to Loreena Mckennitt

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  1. What a lovely post, I have been trying to write for a long time too. I joined a writing group this week,'Recovery Stories' at a local centre for people with mental health issues, and I have finally admitted to myself that I have been depressed for some time and living in denial, grinning and wearing a mask of a cancer 'survivor'. Work has been a distraction, and keeping myself constantly busy has allowed me to be on autopilot too.
    So I wrote yesterday, three very short pieces, but it felt good.
    Wishing everyone well
    Love and light, Gabby x