Tuesday, 22 February 2011

16 Feb - Getting messy

Firstly, I shall apologise for a fast and furious upload of blog entries from last week. The joys of being away and having very little signal on the phone let alone an internet connection that remains stable. However, I've been doing some fantabulously silly things... (and some sensible meetings for our breast cancer event in November too)... but I just know that you're more interested in the silly stuff!

So, where have I been? I've been based in Edinburgh staying with my younger brother and his family. What a treat to be able to spend some quality time with my bro, his wife but most of all my deliciously gorgeous nieces. The oldest of which is 4.5 and just loves her Auntie Anna and 'doing stuff'.

On Wednesday 16th February, I arrived in Edinburgh and was greeted by the bestest hug ever... you know the sort... when a small person totally wraps their arms around you and nuzzles into you neck.. well that was how my older niece greeted me. Awww now that in itself is something I love, so I was truly blessed.

We unpacked my bag and she waited expectantly for her belated Christmas presents to be pulled out of the bag. When I revealed a package containing coloured card, coloured foam sheets, pots of glitter and glittering flowers and some glue, her eyes widened and her grin spread from ear to ear. It wasn't long before we were sat at the table doing 'cutting and sticking' but mostly doing glitter everywhere!

And the results are in the photo below.. how chuffed does she look with her card?

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