Saturday, 5 February 2011

50 things that make me smile!

OK here is my list of 50 things that put a big smile on my I started I wondered how I would think of 50 but as i got going more and more kept springing in to mind! Now I just want to go do them all :-)

I look forward to reading all of yours!


  1. Walking along the Thames
  2. Going into nice cosy old London pubs with open fires in the winter
  3. Visiting Brighton
  4. Going down to the New Forest to see my parents, love seeing the ponies wandering around
  5. Running along the cliff top/ sea wall where my parents live
  6. Roller skating
  7. Dancing
  8. Bikram Yoga
  9. Reading a good book, love Paulo Coehlo
  10. Cooking a roast for a big Sunday lunch with friends
  11. Hosting a dinner party
  12. Throwing a party
  13. Looking around shops
  14. Baking Cake
  15. Being spun around salsa dancing
  16. Tooting bec lido in the summer
  17. Writing my blog/diary
  18. My cat
  19. Lying in a hammock
  20. Eating fresh fish by a beach in Thailand/India
  21. Kyaking through crystal clear sea
  22. Snorkelling
  23. Chatting to friends abroad on Skype
  24. Planning a holiday
  25. Having a really great open conversation with someone I care about where you really share yourselves and learn more about each other
  26. Kissing :-)
  27. Going for coffee and cake with a friend for a good catch up
  28. Going to the cinema on my own in the middle of the day
  29. Going to the Tate Modern
  30. Sitting somewhere peaceful and meditating
  31. Running along the Thames
  32. Borough Food Market, going saturday morning and wandering around feasting on everything!
  33. Saturdays at Portobello Market with a friend and glass of vino after shopping
  34. Pie and mash after a good nose around Spitalsfield market on a Sunday
  35. Going to seminars that inspire me and help me to grow
  36. Seeing my friends children, they are all so cute!
  37. Taking photos, I aim to take one a day
  38. The feeling at the end of a personal shop where the client is excited about all his/her new clothes
  39. The energy I get when I am coaching someone and they start to make the changes they desire, to see their confidence and excitement growing is a true gift
  40. Waking up in the arms of my boyfriend
  41. Ordering food in a new restaurant
  42. Eating delicious food
  43. Listening to music up LOUD!
  44. Dancing round the lounge to a great song on full blast
  45. Playing Wii with friends
  46. Visiting somewhere new and exploring
  47. Long windy walks where your cheeks are pink and you feel wind swept by the end of it
  48. Swimming in the sea, even in UK!
  49. Getting dressed up with friends to go out, music on, wine open!
  50. Going to concerts/gigs

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