Friday, 18 February 2011

Send out LOVE today!

Just a little post to let you know (if you believe in this kind of thing) that today's full moon brings a focus to the heart. This mean's it's a great time to focus on those you love, send out love to everyone around and to our world and it's also a time for self love.

When I was at the ashram in India in January one thing I learnt about mediating was to slow your breath down and focus either on your heart, if you are a person of love and devotion, or if you are more of an intellectual nature then the point in between your eyebrows. (Little photo below explaining this from the hall in the ashram) A lovely mediation to do is to sit and focus on your heart sending out love to everyone you know, focusing on one person at a time and saying "I Love You" or "I send out love to you" What ever works for you. You might simply like to repeat "I am Love" over and over like a mantra.

Doing this really has a lovely effect and sends out lot of positive vibrations to those you care about.

Thank you all for joining this challenge!

Lots of love to you all


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