Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's all about the hair!

Saturday 19th February and the arrival of my older brother and his wife, son and daughter.

The day started early with the arrival of Scottish niece climbing into bed with me for a morning cuddle and announcing 'I'm so excited'. When I asked why, she simply said that her cousins were coming and asked how long until they arrived - it was v early! But so as not to disappoint we set about texting my nephew to ask for an ETA. When we heard nothing in response, Scottish niece was besides herself as she announced 'if there's no answer, they must be on the plane'. And they were. No more sleeping for me, just a constant reminder to check the time, check my phone for return texts and a great deal of snuggly wriggling!

Shortly after 8am the cousins appeared. There was much stomping up and down the stairs so that Scottish niece could show them the new house and particularly where all the hiding places were.

After breakfast, Auntie Anna and her posse of nieces, nephew and dog went off to the chemist to purchase 'hair pretties'. Hehehe we came back with an armful of clips, bands and of course multicoloured hairpieces. How colourful and fab did the girls and I look when we later headed into Edinburgh town?

Scottish niece modelling:

I also love cooking with my nieces... particularly if you're able to get messy doing it and still end up with something edible too. However my younger brother was in charge and did a marvellous job of making bread with nephew and little Scottish niece. Then there was homemade jelly with gelatine and fruit by older Scottish niece and English niece. I think between both culinary attempts we managed to create a mess... yay!

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