Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Peaceful but squelchie

Sunday 20th February we set out for Loch Lomond. My brothers, their families and I put on our walking boots (or in my case my not sooo walking boots), wrapped up warm (in my case, added a scarf) and headed off to a hillside overlooking Loch Lomond. OK OK so I should have taken proper sensible walking boots and a coat. OK OK so I shouldn't have listened when my Scottish brother swears blind that the footpath will be clear and easy (in February!). OK OK so I should be old enough to work these things out for myself... but I wasn't and I didn't... so there!

The path up through woods and up the hill (probably a Scottish word for it) but steep hill or hillock will do. Anyway it was steep and just a few metres into the woodland was very muddy and squelchy with little room to get round without loosing a foot to the mud. I wasn't best pleased and was certainly getting grumpy when further up the pathway we approached what appeared to be an entire field of mudbath... and the path that we needed restarted the otherside! Yes OK I know I should have been sporting a pair of wellies but I wasn't, OK?

I know that there will be a few of you reading this waiting for the splash as I fall into the mud or perhaps to hear the line when I tell you that I lost a boot in the mud or something... well I didn't do either! Much to the great annoyance of brothers and nephew who were constantly taking the michael about me and my girly ways (which by the way I forgot to add that I was also sporting a definitely London, not walking in mud, LK Bennett handbag!)

But the climb to the top was worth it.. you can see the view that we got overlooking Loch Lomond in the photo below.

.... then we had to get down again!!! ;-)

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