Sunday, 27 February 2011


Yesterday after an uplifting morning of mediation, yoga and focusing on my goals I dug out an old Ibiza Classic's CD and had it on full blast until I went out to the pub. It was great to listen to all my old favourite dancing songs and really left me feeling very excited about a trip to Ibiza for my business partner's stag do in September. We have not been for years and I know it's going to be fun fun fun!

Today I have allowed myself to be lazy, I cooked some nice food and sat in the sunshine to eat it. I wandered around the garden listening to the birds and admiring the crocuses and snowdrops that have popped up in the beds. I would never have spotted them from the house and just spending time looking at them in the garden really brought me in the the present moment. Then I allowed myself an afternoon nap and now am reading through some of my favourite blogs; Zebra Sounds, Zen Habits and Unimaginable Adventures. I can wait to start my new blog that I have been plotting over the past few weeks......will reveal all as soon as it's ready!

And how about you? What have you been doing that makes you smile? Would love to hear about it no matter how small!


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