Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 2 of Creating the life I love

Yesterday was Valentine's Day.  Bf took the day off and it was the first time in nearly 5 years we actually celebrated this day.  I'm a romantic and I've always been.  Bf...not so much...well, after you've been living with someone for 6 years and dating for 4 1/2, romance does get sidelined...but this year, since our Goa trip was a fail, we thought we would at least make an effort. 

Yesterday, Day 16, was Shred Level 2.  I did it first thing in the morning and I wish I could say it's gotten easier but it really hasn't.  I think because I'm not doing the same routine everyday, I don't have time to get used to it which may very well play in my favor.  You are suppose to keep your body guessing to avoid a plateau, right?  Well..it is guessing everyday!  I am always a little sore everyday.  Not sore enough that I can't function but sore enough for me to go 'oooohh' whenever I raised my arms.  Anyway, got Level 2 out of the way and I was out the entire day overindulging on everything butter, cream, wine, olive oil and chocolate.  It was amazing...but I was so stuffed!  I didn't even finish my main at lunch!  I ate half and I threw in the towel...dinner was just as scrumptious.  Loads of sushi, we were literally little piggies!

I wish it felt nice to eat so much but it didn't.  I went to bed feeling quite sick..and my stomach was so bloated!  It was so uncomfortable and just as I would say everytime suffering from a hangover, I said, 'I will never eat like this again!'  You know what, I meant it...it was so not worth it...it was really yummy but portion control really is key.  I need to learn that I can eat what I want as long as I only eat a small portion of it.  So needless to say, I went wayyyyyy over my calorie count yesterday, I didn't even log the sushi!

So today, of course, we go back to a healthy week.  Few mini goals for the week:

1. No weigh-in till Saturday.  Boyfriend's hid my scale and he said it is somewhere I can't reach...well, I looked but I can't find it so I have to find something else to be obsessed with...

2. Burn 500kcal a day.  I'm doing good with my 30 Day Slimdown program but I'd like to burn at least 500kcal a day so I will be incorporating a bit more daily, whether it's Dance Central on Kinect or more walking...whatever it takes, 500kcal.

3. No more food after 8pm.  Last week was bad.  We've been having these mini film nights and while I have always been within and most time under my calorie count, I've been munching away at night knowing that I have extra calories left...that is no good cuz that is just a slippery slope!  So...no more!  Only water will enter me past 8pm.

So far so good today.  Day 17, No More Trouble Zone.  It just doesn't get any easier!  I tried to mix it up with the 5lb weights but JM is right!  I can't lift these for 5 minutes straight...so I had to go back down to the 3lb weight.  Her tricep circuits are killers and I always  sweat beads going through them.  My left knee is not feeling all that hot but I'm still okay to do lunges and squats, just not going deep enough.  I still burned an impressive 350kcal today but it is definitely a bit less than before since I am getting fitter.  Such bitter sweet news...I'm fitter so my heart's working better but I'm burning less calories so I need to push myself more!

Working out is hard...it is so so so hard and I don't know why some people say they love it because most days, I really hate it.  I only love it when I'm done because I'm proud but during, I hate it.  But I have to do it because I want to get healthy, I want to feel better, look better and I want to come out a winner.  So hatred aside...I will do it.

The remaining 12 days are going to be brutal. There are days where I will be working with JM for 1 1/2 hrs...I don't know what's going to happen to me...watch this space...

Motto of the day: Scale is not your friend, hide it.  Junk food is not your pal, get rid of it. Exercise is not easy but nothing worthy ever is, right?  Get off the couch and do it! 

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