Monday, 14 February 2011

Ahem.. Shhhhhhh

Hello everybody,

Wanna know what I did today?

Well I'll tell, but you've got to promise to keep a secret... OK?

I've been plotting some misbehaving. In a few days time I'm going to be seeing nieces and nephews (well and their parents too) and just in case you don't actually know me, I love spending time with the many small people in my life... I think it's because i can behave like a kid, that I love nothing better than making a mess.. oh and making something creative at the same time... but mainly just making something. I love finding crazy new crafty things that the kids don't know about and then sitting for hours making, cutting, drawing, sticking and doing.

So what's the secret... well I'm armed with a whole heap of shrinkles for starters. If you don't know shrinkles you haven't lived! They're sheets of plastic that you draw or write on, make shapes with or a hole in and then, an adult (errr don't look at me) then puts it in the oven and it shrinks. [NB 'Older' people reading this, remember when you did that to a crisp packet?] I've also got a strip of magnet and some chains and some clips so we can make all sorts of fridge magnets and keyrings and stuff... Guess what the parentals will be getting as presents?

AND I've also got a box of assorted flowers, glitter, feathers AND a stack of coloured card...

Do you think we're going to get messy? Yeah definitely. Do you think I'm going to be in trouble with the parentals? Most certainly... Watch this space and I'll upload some pics for you all to see.

But I love love love the plotting and planning, the buying and then the bestest bit ever is the creating stuff and watching the kids faces as we get messy and they love it cos Auntie Anna is the one in trouble, not them!

Mwah Happy Valentines. Hope you're having fun.


  1. me too, never heard of shrinkles, will be checking these out x