Thursday, 17 February 2011

What is it?

>>> It's a new day and time for me to start thinking about what I love, what makes me smile and what does a life I love look like.
>>> The discovering of life and who I am in that life is been a pretty exciting and interesting one until now and sometimes rather difficult, but I count myself lucky to have met some amazing people who have shown me what it is to be human.
>>> So, what makes me happy, hhhmmmmm...
>>> 1. Coffee - ok those out there who know me won't be surprised by this. I have a real obsession here. It isn't just coffee or even good coffee. It's the experience of going out for a coffee, the buzz, the sound of the milk being frothed. The environment - a place for meeting people, that constant din of laughing and smiling people. Coffee also has it's roots in one of my earliest childhood memories, a rare day out with just my mum and I. She would order a cappuccino and let me have the froth from the top.
>>> 2. Trees - being outside and walking amongst trees. I love the feel of the bark under my fingertips, that rough, worn gnarly texture that makes me think of things that trees have seen.
> Ok - two things I love. More to think of.

What did I do today that I love - I spent time on me. I got early and preened and poked and prodded until I walked out of the house with a satisfied smile and the thought 'I don't look too bad'. What a satisfying morning - isn't it just going to be a glorious day!

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