Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Day 2

So delightful was Day 1 I didn't get time to post. I was enjoying the lift that the first ray of sunshine of spring gave, getting out for a lunchtime run in what felt like the first time in an age, and getting home without having the pressure of an evening's hard marathon training. Did my colleagues baulk at my cheek of taking an hour out of my day? No. Did the business crumble around me? No. Did I feel guilty for taking the lunch hour I'm entitled to? Yes. One to work on I think...

Today I'm thankful for feeling the dark gloom that has engulfed the last few months starting to properly lift, starting to feel myself again and starting to gain the confidence back that seemed to be shattered by recent events.

I've been reading 'The Magic of Thinking Big' by David Schwatrz, recommended by someone I admire professionally. This is the third or fourth in a series of books that straddle the line between 'professional development' and 'self help' that I've read of late, none of which have managed to switch the glass-half-empty attitude I'd found myself adopting to the much more satistfying and productive glass half full approach. For anyone who wants to develop professionally and develop their own 'brand' at work, it's highly recommended... I've been putting some of the tips regarding positivity, optimisism and making things happen by thinking big into practice and, whilst the results won't be immediately visible, it's certainly helping to get me back into a positive place.

A good day and a strong start to creating a life I love again..? I think so.

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